Human adventure

The energy that drives us and carries our strategies is embodied in our smiles, in our desires, in our hard knocks or bouts of fatigue, in our challenges and our illusions and above all in our ability, together, to move mountains by force. talents, determination, courage and cohesion. The Hyléance Group is much more than a powerful convergence and a powerful synergy, it is above all a human adventure.

A brand that makes sense

At the origins

Above all, the impetus for synergies between the entities that gave birth to the Hyléance Group (ROVIP, MILLET-FORESTIER, TMP Industrie/MTI, BMP and ESIS) is based on a vision and confidence shared by its managers, Emmanuelle PERDRIX and Philippe DALLOZ, and a almost natural complementarity in the teams.

Hyléance is like a promise, an invitation to employees to give new meaning to plastic. A proposal to carry its professional convictions, its societal commitments and participate in a collective adventure combining challenges, techniques and passions.


External signs

The name and logotype of our group are true emblems.

The name Hyléance is the combination of strong evocations:

The meaning of the logo “HYLÉ” (in ancient greek) which means : “material” and “ANCE” which means balance and also refers to “alliance“.

  • Balance in our association
  • Financial balance to ensure the sustainability of our group
  • Balance in human relations within our companies
  • Balance in our vision of plastic, in the design of our products, in our societal and environmental commitment…

The logotype reveals in its center the symbol of infinity by the graphic connection of the “e” and the “a”. A whole imagination for a material and an industry that is always reinventing itself. The colors are meant to be bright and varied to install a positive and exciting movement… all of us!

Important values

Each company sets out values ​​that form the basis of a corporate culture, accompany choices and form part of a lasting identity that must endure through the ages.

Hyléance’s values are affirmed, displayed and shared… Optimism, Determination, Audacity, Reliability and Respect!


The signature that we choose to assert in our communications is not a stylistic effect or the dreamlike and conceptual wish of a mindset. We want to invite, propose, open up and lay down in a simple and concrete way our ambition and all the objectives and actions that result from it: together, “let’s give a new meaning to plastic“.

Enthusiasm and membership

The women and Men of Hyléance

The profiles, skills and backgrounds of our 225 employees are coordinated in a balance signed Hyléance. The concepts of collective intelligence, equity, transmission and shared responsibility are essential to create unity. Each person’s history shapes singularities and asperities as a proof of humanity within our group.

To support our teams, training programs are offered and cross-cutting subjects are suggested. We welcome several work-study students each year, twelve at this time, an essential learning mechanism.

Inspiration and transmission

Our role is also to share the visions and convictions we hold outside our walls. In a period of anxiety, we must re-enchant everyday life, and propose attractive orientations to our future generations. We encourage and thank our collaborators who agree to work in different educational structures such as, for example, Jérôme POGGETTI in Julien DE BALLEURE professional Lycée in Chalon-sur-Saône (See photo).

Did you say cohesion ?

The human dimension is important in our teams. Like any component, it is inspired, capitalised, animated. As soon as opportunities arise and enthusiasms are revealed, we take part in various events. For example, we are proud to support the Hyléance team in the inter-company challenge organized by the AEPV (Association Économique de la Plastics Vallée).

Attached to our territory

To live and feel the territory is to participate in the adventures and stories that create emotions and match our values.

In rugby with the USO and in basketball with the JL, but also through support for other sports and cultural associations in each territory of our factories, the Hyléance Group is committed to working alongside local players. Sponsorship, open days and active participation in national events such as the “Science festival” reflect our attachment to the land and people who see us and make us grow.

Cultivate our mindset

Quality life at work

The Quality life at work is a central priority for our group

Although the facilities differ from one plant to another, we are working towards a common state of mind through well-being of everyone in their daily work life. The new site in Ceyzériat is a real standard-bearer in this respect. The layout of the “Google-style” areas, the care given to common areas such as the canteen, the quality of the ergonomics for the production workstations and the access to personal trainer are key features.


Behind the famous hashtag, it is a partisan and unifying statement that our teams sign with “#PROUDofYourFACTORY“. A company project that is displayed in the various spaces to unite and involve employees in the proper functioning of the Ceyzériat site. A dynamic that was initiated in the new site and is to be deployed on all our sites. Substantive work, constructive exchanges, individual concentrations, needs, methods and initiatives give life to this collective signature on a daily basis.

Cohesion day

At Hyléance, it seems essential to us to live, feel and share our values, our collective energy. We organize each year a cohesion day to bring the Hyléance experience to everyone and remind all of these links, sometimes formal, sometimes implicit, that bind us.

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A major event

The inauguration of our new production site, this September 29, 2022, was a event rich in sharing and emotions. 

More than a year after the birth of the Hyléance Group, this meeting opened the doors of our new factory. It was a perfect opportunity to bring together all our audiences and to bring all the components of our group to life. It was not only a question of making customers discover our spaces and production areas, we wanted to offer a real immersion in our identity and to launch an invitation to a dynamic to give a new meaning to plastic together. Mini-conferences led by a “Hyléance partner/collaborator” duo enabled us to address the key themes of eco-design and the circular economy.

A panel discussion on attractiveness gave the floor to inspiring guests. 

The welcome of the guests, the commitment of the teams, the access to our underground gallery (transformed into an exhibition space for the occasion) embodied our values ​​and our attachment to living a shared human adventure. Smiles, laughter, conviviality and culinary pleasures completed the package to delight the guests. More than an event, it was the standard-bearer for a dynamic, committed and resolutely “optimistic, determined, bold, reliable and respectful” group !