Expertise, experience and know-how combine to provide you with tailor-made answers and participate in the performance of products or systems. Present on many markets, the Hyléance group is distinguished by a particular mastery of 3 fundamental functions. Depending on your needs and expected uses, each function can be handled separately or in addition to the other two. The three key functions for which we are recognized as having special expertise are tightness, protection and dosage. One or the other or all three are present in almost all of our creations.


Wikipédia – « Female name,
Physical tightness concerns the prohibition of the passage of a solid, a fluid or a gas. » From the most common uses with caps and their containers, to more atypical uses such as urinals, the reliability of our parts is essential and guarantees the quality of your products and their durability.


Wikipédia – «  Female name, protection refers to the action of protecting, defending an object or a living being, that is to say, ensuring that nothing bad happens to it. On a daily basis, we are all exposed to risks, in our travels, our consumption, our lifestyles. We must protect ourselves from possible shocks, UV rays, loss of controls. The performance and characterization of our productions ensure your safety and the integrity of your goods.


Wikipédia – «  Male name, Dosage is the action of determining the amount of matter, fraction, or concentration of a specific substance present in another or in a mixture. »In the field of cosmetics, hygiene or food or even fire safety, the dose function is often a prerequisite. We are proud to participate in the quality of your projects and guarantee their effectiveness, for example in solid or liquid deodorants, pill boxes or extemporaneous caps.