Fortunately the plastic

Thanks to the ingenuity of the teams, the evolution of technologies, the essential consideration of societal issues, polymers, commonly called “plastic”, provide solutions to many current and future needs. Whether through consumer goods, through their central role in health, mobility and certain cutting-edge industries, thermoplastics provide many answers in terms of SAFETY, PROTECTION, DURABILITY, LIGHTNESS… more than they create problems. We are proud to be a player in our markets alongside our customers to carry out their projects, we are proud to invest in the responsible transformation of our sector.

Almost infinite transformation

Thanks to its composition, the expertise of our teams and innovations in the sector, plastics can be recycled and reused. Depending on the expected performance and the shape or appearance requirements, the share of recycled plastic in all production can be total or partial, opening up prospects for almost infinite transformation.

A virtuous cycle through its sorting sector and its recycling capacities

Today, more than 500,000 tons of Recycled Raw Materials (RPM) are processed in France. The sector has made a commitment of one million tons in 2025, i.e. 25% of French production.

The mechanical recycling MPR sector is the most developed but has however some limits for more requesting applications in terms of standards and food safety even if it remains the lowest carbon route. New deposits are appearing thanks to chemical recycling which could open up new prospects on the most demanding markets.

As a plastic transformator, our responsibility is to know and control these new deposits by mobilizing our design office to monitor and qualify these new sources in order to offer our customers the sustainable solution adapted to their market.

At Hyléance, in 2022, for the first time, all its production sites have received the MORE Label (MObilized to REcycle). Moreover, some of our products, when the specifications allow it, contain MPR.

Examples: overground tank cover, vine tile, swimming pool float

A considerable waste deposit to be valued

While the ability to integrate recycled plastic into the plastics sector is performing at high speed, the collect of used products, our waste, remains very low compared to the products available. A somewhat frustrating observation as it stands but which opens up major prospects in the very short term. In the Hyléance Group, in the interests of setting an example and aligning with our values, we sort all our waste, which is thus valued and recycled. Committed to ISO 14001 for many years, our performance indicators illustrate this commitment.

The challenge of eco-design

The way we design our products has evolved considerably in recent years. Guided by a strong desire to integrate the environmental impact of each project into its entire life cycle, our teams innovate for more responsible production. The notion of circular economy, the search for a 0 impact carried by the “cradle to cradle” approach feeds our inspiration. By eco-designing each product from the outset, the entire production chain, like that of values, becomes virtuous.

The 3R strategy (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle) at Hyléance:

the SUP to demonstrate our ability to create sustainable packaging >>> Deo Pack

  • Reduction: 90% reduction in the weight of discarded plastic

  • Recycle: 100% recyclable materials, and only one in virgin material

  • Reuse: the pack is reusable

Plural sources

MPRs are not the only way to reduce the environmental footprint of plastic products. Other solutions, particularly related to biomass, are being developed.

At Hyléance, we remain very vigilant that these biosourced solutions are consistent with a global CSR approach. They must not impact the food chain and the overall carbon footprint must be more favorable than recyclable virgin plastic.

Our design office, competent and expert in carrying out LCA (Life Cycle Analysis), allows us to advise and make relevant material choices according to the expectations of our customers and the markets.

Creator of values

The multiple properties of polymers open up an almost infinite field of possibilities. Through the engineering teams, the development of technologies and the multiple know-how (injection and extrusion blow molding) of the entities of the Hyléance Group, plastics are an inexhaustible source of value creation.

Tailor-made Characterizations

Innovation in this area has made it possible to develop very specific performances according to the families of materials:

    • the most common : PP, PE, PET
    • the most technical : ABS, ABS/PC, PC, PA, POM, SAN, PPS…
    • but also biosourced and compostable plastics, plastics with natural and recycled fillers.

Each family has its own characteristics of resistance, thickness, lightness, shape or appearance. Our Design Office develops the best combination of materials to optimize the solutions to customer specifications and chooses the appropriate transformation method (injection or even extrusion blow molding).

Thus, plastic parts invest many areas of activity for the good of everyone. Fortunately, plastic allows the medical sector to improve care and facilitate use. It is deployed in the mobility industry to strengthen protection while reducing our vehicles for a winning social and environmental combo. It reinforces the logistics solutions that drive our world to ensure the integrity and practicality of exchanges. It innovates in packaging to convince on its «sustainable» potential. In order to influence material manufacturers and stimulate their increasingly responsible reference innovations, the Hyléance Group is a member of the RONAX purchasing group.

Solutions, not problems

Plastics provide solutions for many uses. Countless in our daily lives, plastic products meet specific needs without which our lifestyles would be very widely disrupted.

Our know-how allows many industries to offer parts or systems with cutting-edge cleanliness issues for the health, hygiene and sanitary issues markets. The requirements for insulation, tightness, protection, elasticity-deformation complete a range of essential functions for all.

Some examples of Hyléance production

Milk cap: tightness and cleanliness

Fire extinguisher cartridge

Car seat


Innovations in plastics, such as the transformation of our businesses, can influence usage and promote sustainable parts. At Hyléance, we advocate for a sustainable plastic that reinvents consumer codes and fights the biases of the disposable that lead to environmental claims and false good ideas.

Our customers challenge us and we are committed to bring new proposals to meet and inspire as here with the company

All shapes, dimensions and aspects

The design of parts or systems of course incorporates various constraints. The concept of place in home automation solutions, the requirements of colours in signage, the importance of appearance in cosmetics and the care taken to shape in the design universe guide the work of our teams. Fortunately, the properties of polymers combined with our expertise make it possible to take any shape, size and appearance. Decidedly, a matter that creates values!

Inspiration, meaning, potential… innovation in usage

Today, the principles of collaboration have evolved and we are working on them. We are committed to providing advice and solutions. The position of a running subcontractor is far away. By working in confidence and proximity with our customers, plastic becomes an inspiring material that gives meaning to the project you wear. It makes it possible to turn your ideas into reality and participate in innovation and the transformation of uses.

Industrial development

For several years, our industrial model has been changing. We defend an industry that is more respectful of the environment and part of a Corporate Social Responsibility approach, CSR that guides an unprecedented transformation.

Go to low carbon

Our investments, our projects, our equipment and our factories are aligned towards a decarbonization of our industries. Each arbitration and renewal is carried out in this direction. This is already reflected on our machinery with the integration of electric presses such as the installation of photovoltaic panels and a bioclimatic construction of our last plant in Ceyzériat. A rigorous and involved management of our energies to work for a low-carbon industry.

New certifications

Rules and certifications that direct, guide, structure and validate industrial developments… MORE label, BRC, 14001 and others (ISO 26000, BCorp).


A state of mind to deploy from vision to production through design to consumption over its entire life cycle (for example, the black color in the product cycle).